Co-Founder | Instructor for the SPM Starter Workshop 

I am working for over 16 years in the field of neuroscience and starting with EEG at the Max-Planck-Institute in Leipzig where I have investigated the interplay of music and language irregularities. In Bremen, I was the first scientist getting the opportunity to use functional MRI for my doctoral thesis. This forced me to make acquaintance with all possible problems (and solutions) of running an MRI machine.

From the very beginning I recognized how fun it is to inform others and to spread my knowledge. But when I was an attendee at various neuroimaging workshops myself (amongst others at the Martinos Center at Harvard Medical School; Bergen university, UCL London; UKE Hamburg-Eppendorf) I started to realize that there was something missing. And this was good teaching skills and specific audience-tailored teaching techniques. I was bored of pure lectures without receiving information how to do something.

That was the reason I started a two-year university didactics instruction course. And this was really an eye-opener for me because I experienced quite impressively in the SPM workshops I gave in the last couple of years how much faster people are able to learn even complicated stuff when you use innovative techniques that can generate so much fun during the learning process.

At the moment I am self-employed psychotherapist and performance coach but still supporting research and analyzing data together with my wife at the Hannover Medical School. The main focus of my present work is to investigate short-period psychotherapeutic (e.g. Process- and Embodimentfocussed Psychology / PEP) and breathing techniques (Wim-Hof-Method) in the MRI.


Selected Publications