Learning by doing

The oldy but goody concept of learning by doing is at the heart of our teaching philosophy. In our workshops we offer a rich and pleasant environment to familiarize yourself with the respective software package and some useful extension under skilled supervision. We believe that the best way to learn how to operate any software is by actually using it! 

Consequently our workshops emphasize practical experience: you will get right down to working on a case study both in groups and on your own. Various cutting-edge (a.k.a. fun and enjoyable) learning techniques will enable you to acquire both practical skills and the theoretical background necessary for you to carry out basic data analyses.


SPM Starter

You will hone your data analysis skills from preprocessing to group statistics.

We will also show you how to arrive at high-class graphical presentations of your results for use in your publications.

Moreover you will benefit both from your own learning experience as well as from those of your peers.

Brainstem fMRI

Participants should be experinced using FSL (!) as this will be the main software used in the Brainstem fMRI workshop.

This workshop will cover a wide range of basics from anatomy to functional connectivity of the bainstem.

You will have the opportunity to practice brainstem fMRI analyses using FSL and the mICA toolbox.