SPM Starter - May 24-26, 2017

Ever feel like you just can’t wrap your head around using SPM?

We all want to feel confident when it comes to analyzing, interpreting and presenting the results of our meticulously planned and executed scientific work. But truth be told, there is a considerable number of people who can’t even get past the initial hurdle of getting started with their analysis. They feel that they lack even the most basic skills because they never had a chance to practice how to actually use SPM. One great way to start you off is to actively practice the basic skills you need to single-handedly complete an fMRI study. And how about actually having fun learning these new skills? The good news is that you don't need to develop an understanding of all the math behind the software to get started. Once you acquired the basic knowledge of what each step does and how to navigate the GUI you'll be able to run your own analyses and ask better questions to gain a deeper understanding of all the practical and theoretical considerations around SPM.

What Will You Learn?

You’ll build proficiency by practicing 6 targeted skills over the course of three days. This isn’t enough time to master every detail of SPM, which means you need to continue to learn and improve by analyzing your own data back at your home institution. During our workshop we will get you into good shape to get better results by asking better questions.

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DAY 1 - 9.30-16.00

  • Our Favorite: some fun and games to tickle your joy itch and get to know each other
  • Introduction to SPM: handling the GUI, batch modules
  • Introduction to your case study: where do we want to go and how do we get there?
  • Pre-recording: how to boost your data quality before you even start scanning
  • Preprocessing hands-on: SPM batching, quality checking

DAY 2 - 9.30-16.00

  • Review of Day 1
  • First level analysis hands-on: conditions and regressors, results and contrasts, quality checking
  • Another Favorite: The FMRI-Fun-Facts Quiz Game
  • Short recap first level
  • Second level: factorial design specifications

DAY 3 - 9.30-16.00

  • Review of Day 2
  • Second level hands-on: full factorial design factors and cells, results and contrasts, quality checking
  • Reporting figures and tables: tips and tricks, pitfalls to avoid (false discoveries)
  • Case study: hands-on reporting and interpreting of your results
  • A tremendously ceremonial handing-over of your Certificate of Participation
  • Ecstatic outbursts of delight...followed by...
  • ...tearful hugs, farewells and goodbyes
  • Important notice: only a limited number of people can participate! 

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Beautiful Venue: Hannover's historic Leibnizhaus

An empowering atmosphere will help you develop the skills you need to rock an fMRI study

  • No boring lectures, no inscrutable tech-talk, just do it! You will practice each step
  • Goal-oriented teaching style by using efficient and effective cutting-edge teaching methods
  • Access to case study data set
  • Introductory video before the workshop begins
  • Learn how to pull off a complete SPM analysis from “DICOM conversion” to “Figures and Tables” like a pro
  • Access to private Facebook group where you can get motivated and ask questions

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Carefully Selected Theoretical Input

An in-depth understanding of automotive engineering will not teach you how to safely drive a car. Similarly, you will be able to get reliable results using SPM for fMRI data analysis by practicing and thoroughly understanding a select set of theoretical considerations. We will teach you what is necessary for you to actually start using the program – and which resources to draw on once you start developing your own more advanced questions.

Clear and Detailed Instruction

For learning how to use SPM it’s not enough to just watch someone else go through the batch and explain to you how they did it. During the workshop you will practice the essentials you’ll need to successfully feed your data through the analysis pipeline. We’ll be offering guidance if you do get stuck at some point. And the best part is: you’ll actually have fun doing it!

Adaptable to Your Skill Level

We’re prepared to accommodate your goals and needs. While our concept primarily aims at SPM rookies, the content is scalable to your current abilities. We will progress from the most basic steps to more advanced options to provide just the right level of challenge for your current skills.

A Supportive Community

Everything is easier when you have a dedicated group of peers to rely on. That’s why our alumni will have access to a private Facebook group to cheer each other on and get help from the instructors when they leave the workshop.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Which of the steps are necessary?
  • Where do I find these steps in the GUI?
  • What’s the input/output of each step?
  • How do I prep to ensure maximum data quality?

The Solution

Of course, you can decide to just put your data on that ever growing pile of “when I have time, I will…” and go about some other business.

…or you can roll up your sleeves and get to work: learn it by doing it!